Acting Reels

Tommy Kane Acting

Tommy Kane in FLIGHT
Here I play the role of Mark Mellon, local TV reporter in the major motion picture FLIGHT. Starring Denzel Washington (nominated for best actor for his role) and John Goodman.

Tommy Kane – Prosecutor in “Generosity.”
This is a scene from GENEROSITY, a Christian based movie that filmed here in Atlanta. I play the prosecutor in the scene. The scene is of a dream that the main character is having. He is a wealthy man that does not give enough money or time to the church. As such, his “money” and his “giving” take the stand to be questioned.

Tommy Kane – Detective Harris in “Deadly Session.”  
These are clips from a short film I starred in for the Atlanta Film School.  I played the “tough detective” in an interrogation scene.


Tommy Kane – “Are You Waiting On God?”

Tommy Kane – Husqvarna  
This is a commercial spot I did for Husqvarna. I play a dad on a typical Saturday morning.

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